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Surface Protection Tape-Heat Resistant

Iphone Cover Glass With Heat Resistant Surface Protection Tape
  • Industry: Electronics
  • Product: Cover Glass, Lens

Customer Pain Points:

Mobile phone notch or lens, part of it is to sputter AR or AG. The process is in a vacuum environment, 210℃, lasts 30 minutes. The part that does not need sputtering needs to be protected with a protective film.

  1. The surface protection tape currently used, after a high temperature of 200 ℃, there will be serious residual glue after tearing off.
  2. In a vacuum and high temperature environment, the glass will have white fog.


  1. General acrylic glue cannot withstand particularly high temperatures, and high temperature resistant acrylic glue is required. Although silicone adhesive can withstand high temperatures, it will cause silicone migration, so the use of silica gel protective film is not considered.
  2. Since the PVD sputtering process is done in a vacuum environment, it is necessary to use low precipitation PET to solve the white fog problem.


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