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Stainless Steel Protective Film

Stainless Steel Sheet Protective Film
  • Industry: Converting Company
  • Products: Protective Film

Customer Pain Points:

The process is to punch a 0.05mm thick galvanized stainless steel sheet, and then paste the graphite sheet.

  1. The punching process will contaminate the surface of the galvanized steel sheet. The next process of attaching the graphite sheet will produce bubbles and cause defects.
  2. CCD alignment is used when punching, and the transparent protective film cannot be identified.
  3. The device tears off the protective film, which will produce an offset print on the steel sheet.
  4. The stainless steel sheet is often taken up in the process of tearing off the protective film, resulting in deformation of the steel sheet.


  1. Before punching, the entire roll of stainless steel sheet is pasted with an acrylic protective film to solve the problem of surface pollution. The choice of acrylic protective film is because the silica gel protective film will cause silicone migration, resulting in poor production in the next graphite sheet manufacturing process.
  2. According to the customer’s equipment, modulate the most suitable color for CCD recognition.
  3. The stress of thick PET is relatively large. When the equipment tears the film, it will produce offset printing on the steel sheet. Thin PET is softer and can solve the problem of offset printing when tearing the film.
  4. After many tests, the low adhesion range is determined. After two weeks of testing, the adhesion only climbs slightly. Even if the customer receives the protective film for a long time and then uses it, it will not cause the steel sheet to be taken up and deform the steel sheet.


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