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Ultra Thin Black Tape

Matte black protective film over nanocrystalline

Customer Pain Points:

  1. After the high temperature and pressure, polyimide becomes fragile. When you lightly touch it with your fingers or a sharp object like knife; Synthetic graphite flakes will break into small pieces that are so fine they can’t be seen by naked eyes!
  2. The protective graphite flake film should be thin and not affect the heat dissipation function.
  3. The production of graphite die-cutting requires a special type of protective film. The surface needs to have an appropriate low viscosity for proper adhesion, which can be difficult since different batches do not always match up well and this causes problems during manufacturing process flows such as pasteup errors or poor-quality products being created due lackluster bonding between two surfaces


  1. Graphite flake is a fragile material that can be difficult to work with. To prevent your graphite flake from falling apart, use PET as the reinforced composite film and coat them in matt black ink so they don’t show any sign of their fragile nature.
  2. The ultra thin black tape is at least 0.005mm thick, which will not cause heat resistance to our graphite flake and protect it from being fragile.
  3. Ultra thin black tape surface roughness is consistent, so you can easily apply any brand of a protective film without worrying about getting bubbles or attaching problems everywhere.


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Ultra-Thin Matte Black Tape over the graphite sheet

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