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Ultra-Thin Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

Wireless Charging Coil NFC Signal Antenna Flex Pad
Wireless Charging Coil NFC Signal Antenna Flex Pad
  • Industry: Electronics
  • Product: Wireless Charging

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In the high-stakes world of smartphone manufacturing, the battle for space is a critical factor in determining the success of a design. With advanced features like wireless charging systems, which entail a complex stack of materials such as copper foil, graphite flakes, nanocrystalline, and coils, the need for an ultra-thin, high-performance adhesive solution is more crucial than ever. Traditional double-sided tapes, with their considerable thickness, can negatively impact the performance of these materials, necessitating a novel solution.

The compact design of smartphones necessitates a consideration of the thickness of the double-sided tape used in their assembly, making it a critical factor. Adhesive transfer tape initially appeared to be an ideal solution, given its slim design and strong adhesion properties. Nevertheless, it has been discovered that this type of tape can cause multiple issues during mass production, making it ill-suited for use in high-volume manufacturing processes.

Magnetic Wireless Charging
Magnetic Wireless Charging

The Innovation: Ultra Thin Double-Sided Tape

Addressing this challenge requires a breakthrough that can offer thinness and adhesion without compromising on mass production feasibility. The solution comes in the form of an ultra thin double-sided tape that employs a PET backing and precision coated acrylic glue. With a total thickness of approximately 0.005mm, this tape is phenomenally thin, providing the desired adhesive performance without adding bulk to the device assembly.

Enhanced Space Efficiency

Thanks to its minimal thickness, this ultra-thin double-sided adhesive tape contributes significantly to space efficiency in smartphone assembly. Its application results in a slimmer assembly, which directly translates into sleeker, more compact smartphones.

Reliable Adhesive Performance

Despite its ultra-thin profile, the adhesive tape ensures robust bonding performance. This means that each layer of the wireless charging system — whether it’s copper foil, graphite flakes, nanocrystalline, or coils — is securely bonded, promoting optimal performance.

Mass Production Ready

Perhaps one of the most noteworthy advantages of this innovative adhesive tape is its suitability for mass production. Unlike adhesive transfer tape, it does not introduce defects in the assembly process, making it an ideal choice for large-scale smartphone manufacturing.

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