Ultra-Thin Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

Wireless Charging Coil NFC Signal Antenna Flex Pad
Wireless Charging Coil NFC Signal Antenna Flex Pad
  • Industry: Electronics
  • Product: Wireless Charging

Customer Pain Points:

Wireless charging for mobile phones is made up of copper foil, graphite flakes, nanocrystalline, coils, and other materials. Each layer is glued together with double-sided tape.
Exploded view of iphone wireless charging antenna

The thickness of the double-sided tape is required to be thin, and all parts must be bonded.


Due to the small space of the mobile phone and the stack of multiple materials, the thickness of the double-sided tape will affect the performance of the material, and the thickness will become an important factor in the development. The use of adhesive transfer tape in the initial stage can achieve the thinnest and highest adhesion, but many defects will be caused in the mass production process.

The solution is to use an ultra-thin PET backing, precision coated acrylic glue, the total thickness of the double-sided tape is about 0.005mm, which can meet the needs of customers in thickness and adhesion.

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