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Light Shielding Tape

Light shielding tape used in car display
  • Industry: Electronics
  • Product: Car Display

Customer Pain Points:

  1. There will be light leakage at the seams of the car screen backlight module.
  2. The coating is uneven, and the black film has pinholes.
  3. Now using a product with a thickness of 50um, the shading tape will bounce off after the 85°C/85%RH aging test at a 90 degree corner of the screen.


  1. With customized ink and precision coating, Horaetape light shielding tape can now offer an OD (optical density) >4 excellent performance, solving the problem of pinholes that have always hindered quality in the past.
  2. The car display is exposed to the sun for a long time in summer, and the temperature in the car is above 70 ℃, up to 90 ℃. The high temperature rebound problem has been solved with modified glue and substrate anti rebound tape.

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Light Shielding Tape Applied in Car Display

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