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Silicone Tape


Silicone Tape Structure without Release Liner

Product Description

Heat Resistant Silicone PET Tape

The silicone tape is coated with silicone adhesive on PET as the backing. It is mainly used to protect the surface and prevent contamination and damage of the attached object during the transportation and production process. The viscosity of the silicone protective film is stable and there will be no residual glue. The silicone has good temperature resistance and can be used at high temperatures for a long time. The silica gel is acid and alkali resistant, and the silicone protective film will not drop powder like the acrylic protective film, so it has a high degree of cleanliness.

Silicone protective film is used in consumer electronics, medical, printing, glass manufacturing and processing, home appliances, small electronic displays, and automobiles.


  • No glue residue, no traces after peeling off.
  • Excellent high-temperature resistance and low shrinkage.
  • Excellent solvent resistance can effectively prevent solvent penetration.


  • Surface protection and insulation of parts in the process.
  • Powder coating, high-temperature paint, electroplating, and other surface protection.

Technical Properties

Product Color Base Material Thickness (mil/mm) Type of Adhesive Adhesion(g/25mm) Initial Tack
3140T Transparent PET 1.574/0.040 Silicone 800 5#
3170B Blue PET 2.755/0.070 Silicone 900 10#
3270S Green PET 2.755/0.070 Silicone 1000 20#
6575R Red PET 2.952/0.075 Silicone 800 8#

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