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What Is Heat Resistant Tape Used For?


Heat Resistant Tape Meter

What tape can withstand high temperature ?

Heat resistant tape is composed of heat resistant backing and adhesive. The temperature resistance is usually between 120 ℃ and 260 ℃. Products include high temperature green PET tape, Kapton® (Polyimide) tape, masking tape and Teflon tape.

  • PET High Temperature Tape
  • Heat Resistant Silicone PET Tape

    Polyester masking tape with silicone adhesive can withstand 205°C/20 minutes without curling, shrinking and warping. Easy to attach, no adhesive residue after peeling off. Suitable for powder coating, aluminum anodizing,3D printing, spraying, gold plating, electroplating, circuit board, etc.

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  • Polyimide High Temperature Tape
  • Polyimide(Kapton®) is one of the most high temperature resistant materials on the market. Most importantly, polyimide tape has excellent insulating properties, chemical resistance and flame retardancy. Common uses include powder-coating, electroplating, anodizing, insulation requirements for traction motors, high voltage motors and dry-type transformers.

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    Kapton Tape for PCB Board
    Kapton Tape for PCB Board

  • High Temperature Resistant Masking Tape
  • High Temperature Resistant Masking Tape
    Crepe paper backing is easy to tear, no additional tools are required, and it is easy to use. Rubber adhesive provides excellent hold and resists lifting or curling and has good adhesion to plastic, metal, glass, and rubber. At 150°C lasts for 20 minutes, no glue residue left after peeling off. It is used for general masking applications, paint masking, high temperature baking paint, bundling, holding or protecting.

  • Teflon High Temperature Tape
  • High Temperature Teflon Tape

    Used in packaging, thermoplastic, compounding, sealing and heat sealing, electrical and electronic industries. If it is reinforced by fabric, it will have the characteristics of high strength and can be used in the drum of sizing machine, thermoplastic mold release and other industries.

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