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Heat Resistant Polyimide Tape

heat resistant Polyimide tape with release liner

Product Description

Polyimide tape (Kapton tape) is an ideal material for high-temperature applications, providing both electrical insulation and chemical resistance. The acrylic or silicone adhesive ensures a strong bond even at high temperatures.

Kapton tape is a high-temperature resistant tape that can withstand extreme temperatures up to 280°C in continuous applications. It is specially formulated with a high temperature adhesive that makes it ideal for use in various industrial applications, such as flame retardant, cable winding and masking in powder coating processes.


  • Low-outgassing material with high-temperature resistance and low radiation interference.
  • Very high dielectric strength for critical insulating requirements.
  • No residual glue after peeling off.


  • Protection of glass in high-temperature PVD process (280℃/10 min).
  • Lithium-ion battery tab wrapping and circuit board insulation.
  • High temperature powder coating.
  • Circuit board Insulation.

Technical Properties

Product Base Material Thickness (mil/mm) Adhesive Type Adhesion (g/25mm) Remark
6910 Polyimide (PI) 0.393/0.010 Modified Acrylic 100
6930 Polyimide (PI) 1.180/0.030 Modified Acrylic 1000
6950 Polyimide (PI) 1.960/0.050 Modified Acrylic 50
  • Adherend: Glass
  • 280℃-10min
  • No Residue
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