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Light-Shielding Matte Black Film

light blocking film applied in camera shutter leaf
  • Industry: Electronics
  • Product: Mobile Phones Camera, Laptop Camera, Driving Recorder Camera, Projector Camera, Drone Camera, Digital Camera.

Customer Pain Points:

When the light hits the surface of the lens, the reflection of the light by the internal multilayer lens will produce some stray light which is projected on the CMOS, which reduces the contrast and clarity of the image or produces halos and spots.


  • Fixed aperture lenses such as mobile phones, laptops, driving recorders, projectors, drones:
    Light passes through different lenses, causing reflections and affecting image clarity. The function of the double-sided matte black shielding film is to enable the light source to pass through the shielding film. The film reduces stray light, so that the intensity of light irradiation is within the control range. The shielding film is used to adjust and optimize the light in the electronic display to achieve the desired density and uniformity. It has the functions of anti-reflection, heat conduction, buffering, and friction resistance.
  • For high-speed (mechanical) shutters of digital cameras: The shutter is opened and closed by the rotation and movement of the shutter blades. In order for the shutter speed to proceed at a high speed, the blade of the shutter runs and stops in a very short time, and it is essential to reduce the weight of the high friction movement. In addition, power saving action is required, so the shutter blade is required to be lighter.
    When multiple blades of the shutter operate overlapping each other, in the closed state, the photosensitive material, CCD, CMOS, etc. must be completely shielded. In order to prevent light leakage between the blades, the light reflectivity on the surface of the blade is extremely low.
light blocking film applied in camera shutter leaf
  • Horaetape has developed a double-sided matte black light shielding film with a thickness from 0.02mm to 0.1mm to apply to different lenses, which can meet the requirements of full shading and low reflection. In response to the requirements of different products, it has added functions such as high temperature resistance, friction resistance, and antistatic.

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