Polyimide (Kapton) Lithium Battery Label

Apple watch battery label
  • Industry: Electronics
  • Product: Battery Label

Customer Pain Points:

  1. The appearance is matte black, when rework, alcohol, ethyl ester and other solvents will be used.
  2. The label that wraps the battery needs to be flame-retardant.
  3. When printing with inks from different manufacturers, the printing inks should not fall off.


  1. Developed a new ink formulation with a matte black appearance that meets Apple’s gloss and L, a, b value standards. Wipe with alcohol and ethyl ester solvent, top coating and printing ink will not fall off.
  2. Choose polyimide (Kapton)  as the carrier and develop the formulation of flame-retardant glue.
  3. Matte black surface, dyne value>54.


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apple watch battery label

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