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Black Polyimide Tape


Matte Black Polyimide Tape

Product Description

Black polyimide tape uses polyimide (Kapton®) as the backing to coat matte black ink, which has good temperature resistance, good dimensional stability in the high-temperature process, and excellent insulation.


  • The surface is matte black, which can cover and decorate the object.
  • Good electrical insulation, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and flame retardancy.


  • Mobile phone or smartwatch lithium battery label.
  • Cell phone or smartwatch shield cover insulation or heat dissipation.
  • Lithium battery edge wrapping.

Technical Properties

6910B 6920B 6950B
Tape Thickness(mil/mm) 0.393 / 0.010 0.787 / 0.020 1.968 / 0.050
Base Material Polyimide Polyimide Polyimide
Adhesive Type Modified Acrylic Modified Acrylic Modified Acrylic
Adhesion(g/25mm) 600 700 1200
Initial Tack (#) 0~3# 0~3# 10~15#
Gloss 2±1 2±1 2±1
L 22.5±2.5 22.5±2.5 22.5±2.5
a -1~1 -1~1 -1~1
b -2~0 -2~0 -2~0
Surface Resistance (Ω) 108~1010 108~1010 108~1010

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