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Light Shielding Tape-Matte Black

Matte Black Light Shielding Tape

Product Description

If you’re looking for a versatile and effective light blocking tape, look no further than our thin matte black tape. This matte tape is perfect for mobile phone or LED panel curves and edges, as it will not warp or rebound. The black PET coating and black glue ensure that no light can be seen from any angle, making it perfect for a variety of applications.


  • The gloss of the matte black surface can be ≦0.5.
  • Excellent light blocking performance (optical density≧4).
  • Excellent anti-rebound ability.


  • Light shielding in mobile phone or tablet LED panel.
  • LCD screen frame light shielding.
  • LCD or LED backlight module fixed.
  • Fixed LED light source and display panel.
Thin black tape applied to LED panel shading

Technical Properties

6430BZ 6450BZ
Light Blocking / Anti-Rebound Light Blocking
Tape Thickness (mil/mm) 1.181/0.030 1.968/0.050
Base Material Black PET Black PET
Adhesive Type Black Modified Acrylic Black Modified Acrylic
Adhesion (g/25mm) 700 1300
Initial Tack (#) 0-3# 4-7#
Gloss 2±1 2±1
L 22.5±2.5 22.5±2.5
a -1~1 -1~1
b -2~0 -2~0
Optical Density (OD) ≥4 ≥4
Surface Resistance (Ω) 108~1010 108~1010

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