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Ultra Thin Matte Black Tape


Ultra Thin Black Tape

Product Description

Ultra thin black tape is at only 0.196 mil (0.005 mm) thick and perfect for limited spaces inside your mobile phone, tablet or electronic device. It has almost no thermal resistance so it won’t interfere with your device’s performance.


  • Using acrylic adhesive, it has excellent mechanical bonding strength.
  • The surface is matte black, which can cover and decorate the object.


  • Masking tape is perfect for surface strengthening and compounding of products such as graphite sheet and magnetic sheets (nanocrystalline alloy, ferrites for wireless charging)
  • Surface insulation and heat dissipation of copper foil and aluminum foil.
  • Surface protection and insulation of metal parts inside electronic devices.

Technical Properties

6105B 6406B
Tape Thickness(mil/mm) 0.196/0.005 0.393/0.010
Base Material PET PET
Adhesive Type Modified Acrylic Modified Acrylic
Adhesion(g/25mm) 300 400
Initial Tack(#) 0-3# 0-3#
Gloss 2±1 1±0.5
L 22.5±2.5 22.5±2.5
a -1~1 -1~1
b -2~0 -2~0
Surface Resistance (Ω) 106~108 106~108

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