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Surface Protection Film


Self Adhesive Tape

Product Description

The surface protection film is suitable for the protection of metal, plastic, glass and other materials during transportation, processing or storage. The protective film is resistant to high temperature, acid and alkali, easy to tear off, and will not have residual glue.


  • Using heat-resistant PET substrate and adhesive, the stable adhesive strength can be maintained at high temperatures, and there is no residual adhesive.
  • It has excellent dimensional stability during heating and minimizes curling.
  • Release liner without silicone, there is no risk of silicone migration.
  • Base material has no precipitates at high temperatures, and there is no risk of contamination.


  • Protective film for glass PVD process.
  • Carrier film for printed circuit board and flexible printed circuit board processes.

Technical Properties

PH-6245 H5010M
Tape Thickness(mil/mm) 1.771/0.045 2.362/0.060
Base Material PET PET
Adhesive Type Modified Acrylic Modified Acrylic
Adhesion(g/25mm) 100 4
Initial Tack(#) - 0-3#
Heat-Resistant Temperature(℃) 200℃*1H (Glass) 180℃*30 min (SUS 304)

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