Adhesive Tape Manufacturer-Horae
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Customized Innovative Tape Solutions for Better Products and Manufacturing

Why Customized?

Adhesive tape has many functionality benefits and serves many tasks, which is why our customers come from many different industries or for different projects. We help engineers, manufacturers, construction personnel, and residents working on their homes or offices to fulfill their work with accuracy and efficiency. Our tape solutions are cost-effective for businesses because of the problems they solve and because of their quality, which facilitates the creation of a precise and modern product.

Provide complete solutions.

100% meets the needs of use

Buy directly from the manufacturer, the price is reasonable

Provide after-sales service.


Case Studies

Disassemble the wireless charging antenna from the iphone

Ultra-Thin Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

Wireless charging for mobile phones is made up of copper foil, graphite flakes, nanocrystalline, coils, and
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Apple watch battery label

Matte Black Polyimide Battery Label

The appearance is matte black, when rework, alcohol, ethyl ester and other solvents will be used.
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Iphone Cover Glass With Heat Resistant Surface Protection Tape

Surface Protection Tape-Heat Resistant

Mobile phone notch or lens, part of it is to sputter AR or AG. The process is in a vacuum environment, 210℃, lasts 30 minutes. ...
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