The Most Common Release Liner Problems and Solutions


Rotary die cut peeling off the release liner

During the converting process, the release liner usually encounters the following problems:

1. After the tape is attached to the release film, there will be a sound when the tape is peeled off

Analysis: First, the release force is too large, and the second is the result of uneven coating. It is relatively simple to judge whether the coating is uneven or not by looking at the surface of the film against the light, and the surface coating of the film can be seen at a glance.

2. Reverse peeling means that the light release surface of the double-sided tape is not peeled off, but the heavy release surface is peeled off.

Analysis: The main reason for the reverse peeling is that the release force is not matched. There are two reasons. First, the release film is not stable enough, which makes the release force of the same type of products differ too much. Second, the reliability of the release film is poor and has changed over time.

3. After converting and placed for a period of time, the tape and the release liner cannot be peeled off.

Analysis: Uneven coating will make a certain part have no release effect, so that the tape cannot be peeled off.

4. The release film will generate static electricity and absorb dust during winding.

Analysis: The use of antistatic release film and electrostatic removal equipment in the clean room can solve the problem of electrostatic adsorption in winding.

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