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Adhesive Transfer Tape

Acrylic Adhesive Transfer Tape

Product Description

Adhesive transfer tape is an ideal adhesive solution for a variety of bonding and laminating applications. Coated on an easy-to-use silicone release liner, this pressure-sensitive tape maintains its strong adhesion even under high temperatures. Whether for assembly, splicing, or sealing systems, adhesive transfer tape is a highly efficient and reliable solution.


  • Flexible and conformable – This product can be easily applied to irregular surfaces without wrinkling or tearing. 
  • Perfect for a variety of bonding and laminating applications – Use this product to bond paper, film, foil, fabrics and more!


  • For panel sticking, metal nameplates, membrane switches, electrical parts, RFID labels, shockproof foam.
  • Suitable for sticking speaker mesh, conductive cloth, aluminum foil, etc.
  • Product assembly processes, such as in the automotive, electronics, and aerospace industries.

Technical Properties

Product Thickness(mm) Release Liner Thickness(mm) Adhesive Type Adhesion (g/25mm)
8003DS 0.003 0.075/0.025 Modified Acrylic ≧600
8005DS 0.005 0.075/0.025 Modified Acrylic ≧700
8010DS 0.010 0.075/0.025 Modified Acrylic ≧1000
8020DS 0.020 0.075/0.025 Modified Acrylic ≧1100
8030DS 0.030 0.075/0.025 Modified Acrylic ≧1200
8050DS 0.050 0.075/0.025 Modified Acrylic ≧1800

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