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Single-Sided Adhesive Tape


Self Adhesive Tape

Product Description

Single sided adhesive tape is based on polyester coated with modified acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. It is transparent without moisture absorption and has long-lasting adhesion. They are designed to prevent moisture and protect the surface.


  • It is manufactured in a dust-free environment with good cleanliness.
  • Dust-free materials such as PET base material and a plastic core.
  • Good adhesion, not easy to bubble, stable with time after lamination.
  • After peeling, there is no residual glue, no pollution, no traces on the surface.


  • Surface protection during the manufacturing process or shipping.

Technical Properties

6205 6130H 6250M
Tape Thickness(mil/mm) 0.196/0.005 1.180/0.030 1.968/0.050
Adhesive Type Modified Acrylic Modified Acrylic Modified Acrylic
Adhesion(g/25mm) 400 1000 1000

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