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What Are the Heat Resistant Double Sided Tapes?


High temperature resistant double-sided tape

If you’ve ever tried to attach something heavy to a surface and had it come loose, you know the importance of a good adhesive. But what if you need an adhesive that can withstand high temperatures? That’s where heat resistant double sided tape comes in! This special tape can keep things attached even in extreme conditions. Read on to learn more about what makes it so special.

What Are the Heat Resistant Double Sided Tapes?

  • PET Backing Double-Sided Tape
  • PET double-sided tape has good dimensional stability、thermal stability、chemical stability、strong shear resistance and easy die-cutting. Long-term temperature resistance of 100-120°C, short-term temperature resistance of up to 140-200℃. Widely used in nameplates、bonding of LCD、 decorations and decorative parts.
    It has excellent bonding effect and excellent waterproof performance. The long-term temperature resistance is 80-95℃, and the short-term temperature resistance can reach 180-205℃. It is widely used for nameplates、shockproof foam、door and window sealing strips、metal and plastic, etc.

  • Non-Woven Backing Double-Sided Adhesive Tape
  • Good viscosity and processability. Long-term temperature resistance 70-80℃, short-term temperature resistance 120-150℃. Widely used in nameplates、plastics、automobiles、mobile phones、electrical appliances、sponges、rubber、signs、paper products、toys and other industries.

  • Foam Backing Double-Sided Adhesive Tape
  • Foam double-sided tape has the characteristics of strong adhesion、good retention、good waterproof performance、strong temperature resistance and strong UV resistance The long-term temperature resistance is 80-93 ℃, and the short-term temperature resistance is 130-150 ℃. It is widely used for bonding electronic products、automobiles、office furniture、communication appliances、sports equipment、plastics、hardware and other products.

  • Hot Melt Adhesive Film
  • Hot Melt Adhesive Film

    Hot melt adhesive film is divided into two categories: thermoplastic and thermosetting. It has no solvent and is easy to process. It can be bonded even on the surface of uneven objects; The color is translucent / amber; Hot melt softening temperature > 110 ℃. It is used for the bonding and fixing of nameplate、plastic、hardware、metal shell of electronic products、reinforcing plate、smart card、mobile phone window frame and front cover、camera battery slot, etc.

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