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UV Release Tape


UV Release Protective Film

Product Description

The UV release tape is coated with adhesive on the backing, and the backings used are PET, PVC and PO etc. After the adhesive is irradiated with ultraviolet rays, the polymer chains will form a three-dimensional network hardening structure, and the hardening will cause the adhesive force to drop sharply. Therefore, the tape can be peeled off easily and cleanly.


  • Adhesion decreases after UV irradiation. No adhesive residue after tape peeling.
  • Good acid resistance, resist 20% hydrofluoric acid etching solution.
  • Manufactured in a class 1,000 dust-free environment, reducing ionic and particulate pollution.


  • ITO glass, cover lens chemically strengthened acid etching process protection.
  • Wafer, glass and ceramic plates cutting , and has excellent adhesion to the adherend.

Technical Properties

Test Value Test Method
Tape Thickness(mm) 0.065±0.005 ASTM D3652
Release Liner Thickness(mm) 0.050±0.002 ASTM D3652
Adhesion (g/25mm) Before UV SUS 1700 ASTM D3330
(UV irradiation energy 450mJ/cm2)
Glass 2000
After UV Glass 6
Holding Power (mm/24h) 0.2 ASTM D3654

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