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Anti-Static Tape


Anti-static tape with PET release liner

Product Description

Anti-static tape is divided into single-sided (adhesive side) anti-static and double-sided (adhesive side and reverse side) anti-static protective film.

  • Single-sided anti-static: Add an anti-static agent to the glue and apply the glue to make it have an anti-static effect.
  • There are two ways of double-sided anti-static: one is to apply an anti-static coating on the PET backing, and the other is to add an anti-static agent during the production of PET.


  • The anti-static value is stable.
  • It uses a plastic core to eliminate dirt contamination in the clean work area.


  • IC, passive component packaging and carrying.
  • LCD, touch screen, OLED panel process load and panel protection.
  • Electronic packaging carrier tape, drug packaging, and electronic parts packaging.

Technical Properties

6135H-AS 6250H-AS Remark
Tape Thickness(mil/mm) 1.370/0.035 1.960/0.050 -
Backing PET Anti-Static PET Select Anti-Static PET
or Anti-Static Adhesive
Adhesive Type Anti-Static Acrylic Anti-Static Acrylic
Adhesion(g/25mm) 1100 1200 -
Surface Resistance(Ω) 107~1011 107~1011 -

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