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Fluorosilicone Release Liner vs Silicone Release Liner


red, blue, green silicone release liner and fluorine release liner

The use of fluorosilicone release liner is the same as that of silicone release liner, and it mainly plays an anti-sticking role. The appearance of the two release liners and the use of the backing are not much different, but what are the differences?

  • Fluorosilicone Release Liner
  • Silicone polyimide tape with Fluorosilicone Release Liner
    Double Sided Silicone Polyimide Tape

    The backing of fluorosilicone release liner is polyester film, coated with fluorosilicone release agent. Applied to silicone pressure-sensitive tape, composite die-cutting type, easy to peel off after use. The adhesion of the tape can reach about 95% of the original. It is widely used in the production process of Polyimide high temperature resistant silicone tape, green high temperature silicone tape, die-cutting and punching of silicone double-sided tape, thermal conductive silicone tape casting and other industrial products.


    • Used for high temperature adhesive tape, silicone double-sided adhesive tape.
    • For golden fingers, green silicone tape, differential double-sided tape (one side of silicone, one side of acrylic), 3M silicone.
    • Converting into any other shape for some special purposes.

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  • Silicone Release Liner
  • Silicone release liner is applied in order to reduce the adhesion of tapes to ensure that there are no unwanted sticking. The thickness ranges from 25um up 150um and can be divided into single-sided release film or double-sided release. This also will depend on how much release force it needs to use for its application, so light, medium, and heavy releases exist as well depending on these distinctions.


    • Industrial: For adhesive tapes (acrylic, rubber, urethane rubber).
    • Optical: For OCA, explosion-proof film, differential tape, protective film.
    • Flexible and hard board application: For cover film, adhesive sheet, dry film photoresist.

  • Common Features of Fluorosilicone and Silicone Release Liners
    • Both release films are based on PET and coated with a release agent with a thickness of 0.2 um to 0.6 um
    • Uniform coating, high transparency, smooth surface.

  • How to Distinguish Between Fluorosilicone and Silicone Release Liners?
    • If we get two different release liners, how to distinguish them? The appearance of the fluorosilicone release film is very similar to that of the silicon release film, and it is difficult to distinguish from the appearance. The two release films can be distinguished by the following points:
    • The silicone tape is attached to the fluorosilicone release film and the silicone release film at the same time. The fluorosilicone release liner will peel off easily, and the silicone release liner will stick firmly.
    • The cost of fluorosilicone release film will be higher than that of silicone release film.

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