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Polylactic Acid Label

PLA25 / PLA40

Transparent PLA Label

Product Description

Looking for an eco-friendly and biodegradable label material? Look no further than our PLA labels! Made from plants, these labels are not only great for the environment but also help to combat climate change. When buried in soil, the carbon dioxide footprint of the PLA labels will be absorbed by plants, rather than increasing greenhouse effects. Plus, the printability of PLA labels is similar to other plastic films, making them very versatile.


  • Optical Properties: High translucency, low haze and good surface gloss. Metal plating is more colorful than general plastic.
  • Printability: High transparency, low haze, excellent printing color and layering.
  • Temperature Resistance: After biaxial stretching and heat setting treatment, it can meet the processing requirements, such as water-based and various coating processing.

Technical Properties

Backing Backing Material Polylactic Acid Polylactic Acid
Thickness(mil/mm) 0.984/0.025 1.574/0.040
Color Transparent Transparent
Release Liner Backing Material Polyester Polyester
Thickness(mil/mm) 1.968/0.050 1.968/0.050
Color Transparent Transparent
Adhesive Adhesive Acrylic PSA Acrylic PSA
Adhesive Thickness(mil/mm) 0.787/0.020 0.787/0.020
Adhesion (g/25mm) ≧1000 ≧1200
Reelase Force (g/25mm) 10 10
Initial Tack (#) >1 >1
Service Temp. (℃) 5~125 5~125
Min Operative Temp.(℃) 5 5

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